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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. >> ama: events in both the sky and the sea. the cities filled to capacity, and transit agencies are carrying the load this big bay weekend. good evening, i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. let's head outside and tike -- take a live look at the objection on the embarcadero. there has been a but rush of people out for this jam-packed weekend and so far the city is proving it can handle it. sir glois the middle of the action. >> by some estimates there are about a million people that are supposed to be coming into the city today, and that's because there's so many things going on
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this weekend. i was checking out twitter. it's actually trending with its own hash tag, big bay weekend. jets soaring overhead are usually the only things oddexes have to pay attention to on fleet week but on day two of this by bay weekend the jets had some competition. >> we come down here every year see the blue angels and americas cup was here, too. >> from marina dreams, fans got a prerare air show, then the teams set sail for the latest stage of the competition. >> when it's on tv we watch it, but since it was here, we came. >> sailing and aerial acrobatics would be plenty for a fun weekend-but keep in mind this is a big bay weekend. the annual castro street fair, and even on such busy weekend, people drove in to be here.
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>> we thought it would be so bad, because it's ten million things happening, and literally we got here quicker than we normally do. >> but with so much going on public transportation became one of the most sensible ways of navigating the city, including those at a music festival. lodging was at a premium. >> i had to look a lot in order to find a deal, and i still saved. >> and as if there wasn't enough going on, the italian american parade added one more attraction. reporter: to get an idea of exactly how many more people are here than usual, i checked in with san francisco muni. they tell me about 100,000 more people were on san francisco muni yesterday as compared to a typical saturday. that's bat 50% jump in ridership. b.a.r.t. tells me they had
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120,000 more rides yesterday than a typical saturday. that's a jump of about a third. reporting live on pier 32, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> ama: thank you, sergio. and he didn't even go into all the sporting events going on today. the 49ers game against the buffalo bills at candlestick just wrapped up with the niners with another win, and in just over an hour the giants take on the cincinnati reds and while a's fans are standing behind their team despite playoff loss in detroit. [cheers and applause] >> ama: the a's had their moments today but the cheers died in the end. the green and gold is coming home to oakland, down two games to none in their play yeah -- playoff series. mike shumann will have the details ahead in sports. >> we want to see your postseason pride, you can e-mail your photos or share them with
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us on facebook, or on twitter, abc-7 7 news bay area, we'll be showing some photos on the air throughout the playoffs. president obama is coming back to the bay area tomorrow in his latest effort to raise campaign cash. the first event is 4:00 p.m. at the intercontinental hotel in san francisco, followed by a dinner and concert reception at the bill graham auditorium beginning at 5:00. the fundraiser will include a performance by john legend. before coming to the bay area the president will be in california to announce the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. we're now a month away from the election day, and it's the vice-president ya candidates' turn to duke it out. they'll scheduled for thursday. and mitt romney is keeping busy and the crowd at his rallies are growing. here's the latest.
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>> mitt romney spent a second consecutive day asking for votes in florida. >> the republican contender is ride something momentum from last week's debate. he has drawn his biggest crowds of the came pain. 6,000 last night in orlando, and 8,000 today in port st. lucy. >> you hard a chance to hear his answer or nonanswer. now, of course, days later, we're hearing his excuses, and next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> president obama arrived in california today for a two-day fundraising swing in the solidly democratic state. tonight he'll attend a star studded event at the nokia theater. celebrities on hand to support the president's eelection. over two days the obama campaign is expected to raise a minimum of $59 million. when it comes to raising campaign cash, the president
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shattered records. last month the president's campaign and democratic party raised $181 million, bringing his re-election total to 835 million. romney's racessed at least 548 million so far. this week it's the running mates' town -- turn to debail, but today both sides were spinning the presidential showdown. >> a clone that looked like mitt romney that walked away from fundamentally every position he had taken. >> there was a shift in the dynamic. people saul the real mitt romney. >> abc-7, washington. >> ama: venezuelan nationals are anxiously awaiting the outcome of their country's presidential election. analysts believe chavez faces the touchest election of his his 14 years in office. after casting his ballol chavez said he will, quote, respect the results, whatever they are.
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>> san francisco's suspensed share ross mirkarimi will find out on tuesday ill -- if he can keep his job. he plead guilty to charges following a domestic dispute with his wife on new year's. he fate rests in the hands of the san francisco board of supervisors, nine of the 11 supervisors have to vote against mirkarimi to remove him from office. supervisors refuse to say how they'll vote. >> family and friends of a, he lose woman killed inside her home are turning to the web to find her killer. suzie ko was found by neighbors. a web site has been generated to help get leads in the case. there's also a facebook page and family and friends are using other social media to spread the word. they believe the key to solving the case is finding the family's car. it was stolen the night of her murder. police are looking for a 2011
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subaru outback, pale blue, idaho plates, a camelight village -- candlelight vigil was held last night. they lived in the neighborhood since the late 70s. >> one person died today after a car plunged 50 feet down a ravine every interstate 680 in pleasanton. it happened this at 8:00 this morning on sunol boulevard. the car veered off the roadway and into the ravine. the accident shut done one lane of 680 for hours this morning. >> a car slammed into a power pole in heyward knocking out power to 500 customers. for some the power was not restored until five hours after the crash that happened at 3:30 this morning. police are trying to figure out why the car hit the pole. ahead, a real life example why drinking and driving is so dangerous. take a look.
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it made for a very close call for this convenience store worker. that story is coming up. another day, another record high price at the gas pump. we'll have a look at how much prices increased overnight. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. we're going to see a few more clouds this work week. cooler temperatures, and maybe a few
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>> ama: israel's military says it shot down an unmanned drone and speculation continues about the origin. the drone entered israeli air space yesterday. military officials are now examining the wreckage to figure out who sent it and why. a convenience store clerk amazingly escaped serious
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injuries when a truck came crashing through his store. the store's camera caught it out. police say the man driving the truck was drunk when he plowed through the liquor score in carmichael. you can see it pinned the store employee behind the counter. he suffered a few bumps and scratches. the driver was arrested. for a second straight day gas prices spiked to a new record high in california. the average price jumped five cents overnight. in san francisco to 4.73. up four cents in oakland at 4.67, and two crepts higher than yesterday in san jose, where a gallon costs an average of 4.65. the statewide average price is now 4.65 a gallon. prices are expected to climb for several more days before leveling off. governor brown is now urging officials to take emergency steps to prevent even higher increases. we'll look at his plan at 6:00. >> a different kind of mass
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celebration this sunday. a warm welcome for san francisco's new archbishop. where he made his first official visit. chance we could see rain during the week ahead.
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>> ama: parishioners hat an east palo alto church are the first to welcome the first archbishop of san francisco. he presided over a multilining wall -- multilung wall mass. >> let's get on over to leigh glaser to find out how the rest of the sunday is going to go, and the weekend ahead for the weather. >> leigh: the week ahead, a little dice y. we'll get to that in a moment. this is the mt. tamalpais
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camera. a beautiful afternoon, especially nice visibility for the blue angels to fly. you can see on live doppler 7hd, we are seeing high and mid-level clouds to the south. some will start to migrate up towards much of the san francisco bay area overnight tonight. all of this is lifting thanks to a cutoff low sitting off the coast. one more event going on tonight. we want to give you a forecast for the giants game. 6:30 tonight. temperatures will start to drop into the upper 50s. about that time. and don't look for a lot of different temperatures after that last bit. 9:30 this evening, low clouds moving in. right now, 75 in antioch, san francisco, 61. 70, santa rosa, a good stiff westerly wind towards concord. west winds in the neighborhood. up to 20 miles-per-hour in san jose right now. 70 degrees. our forecast. you can expect some clouds and pockets of dense valley fog
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overnight, especially in the north bay. you woke up to that this morning and the same tomorrow morning. a little cooler for all of us as we head into tomorrow afternoon, and then we are going to put in just a slight chance of showers mainly in the south bay heading into tuesday, possibly lingering into wednesday morning. here's how the night will go. the low clouds and fog will push further inland at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and then it should start to peel back to the coast about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon so do expect some afternoon sunshine. this is the cutoff low. we've been watching it all weekend. and actually it's been pretty much just sitting there. counterclockwise spin. forecast models are going to keep it off the coast. so our chances of seeing some showers will be diminished. if this decides to migrate inland it's a whole different ball game but right know we're going with this staying off the coast. this is 3:00 monday afternoon,
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still spinning. you can see the moisture associated with it. by tuesday afternoon at 3:00, it starts to migrate to the south, and eventually some of these shower bands will move in. so that's going to bring a slight chance of a shower in your forecast, tuesday, possibly early wednesday morning. by wednesday afternoon, the cut you've low will be in southern california and they'll see showers there. so there you have it. increasing clouds overnight. 40s north bay. 50s elsewhere. pockets of dense fog in valley areas. tomorrow's temperatures, as the clouds move in, will comp down a few degrees. 72 for livermore. 68 for san rafael. concord tomorrow, 71. 52 for san francisco, san jose, a mixture of sub and clouds, 66 for watsonville and 67 for santa cruz. a look ahead. things are going to be different this week. tuesday and wednesday, notice the clouds moving in. chance of a few sprinkles, maybe a stray shower south locations tuesday and wednesday.
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then after the low moves through, we'll dry up and see more sunshine, warm things up next saturday and sunday. by the way, it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc-7. these people are taking the chance. elma of brentwood, barbara of petaluma, and betty j of san san francisco, all entered through the facebook page. and the winner will be announced october 18th. you can enter, too. go to face book to -- >> ama: $49,000. worth a chance. >> mike: talking to me? the 49ers and the blue angels hit canning the air waves with a thrashing of the buffalo bills and then the a's tried
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>> mike: the a's saved an amazing comeback after blowing the lead but the tigers got the last bite. rally towels were out in motown and the tigers needed them. doug fister was lights out for detroit. milone did his part. six innings, one run, six strikeouts, retired ten in a row. now tied in the seventh. a's take the lead for the second time. cliff pennington with the single but the a's give detroit unearned runs. bottom sentence, miguel cabrera,
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popped is up and cocoa crisp drops it. both runners score. a's rally in the eighth. cespedes stole second and third. one way's throw is wild. cespedes scores. then the 3-2 count on reddick. reddick looks like the hero. oakland takes the 4-3 lead. bottom eight, two outs. the throw gets away from kotteras. 4-4. bottom line, bases loaded after intentionally walking prince fielder, one out. don kelly, scored the tying run, scores infante, tigers take a 2-0 series lead with a 5-4 victory and they can close the a's out tuesday at the coliseum. >> you just got to move on. if you let it stick in your craw, you won't be prepared to the best of your capabilities on tuesday. >> just got to let it go. >> got some work to do, but we got confidence,, in our guys.
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so we're going to battle, and try to win the series. >> mike: cardinal hosting the nats. a run scores, we're tied at one. eighth ininning, the single goes in, both runner scores and that score will stand up. nationals take game one from st. louis, 3-2. >> the 49ers return home after ten games and two road games to face the bills. turned out to be a bit of a cake walk. niners have not lost at home in the regular season since week two last year. second quarter, smith finds william. shakes and bakes into the end zone. 10-3 niners. one of seven plays over 20 yards today. 30 seconds left in the half. smith to crabtree. 303 yards passing, 237 in the first half. a career high. along with three td passes, 17-
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niners at the half. 24-3 niners. first time in nine years, niners had triple numbers. a franchise record 620-yard total offense, lee squalls a 45-3 victory and they improve to 4-1. >> final day of the america's cup world seize. -- series. this was yesterday. the boat pitched over and capsized. the recovered and took second. >> today, the oracle team rebounded at the first turning mark of the supersunday. fleet race finale to win his second consecutive america's cup world series. san francisco. a lot of fun for everybody out at the marina watching. coming up at 6:00. a's pitcher pat in the
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dnesheks return to the field. if anybody can win three straight games it would be the a's. >> ama: and you have your giants colors on for later. >> mike: it was an accident. >> ama: good gourd? get it. that's one big pumpkin, and a pumpkin that size cñsñ?ñwñs
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, rising gas prices lead to a major gas hike. how crooks got away with more than 1,000 gallons of fuel. and it wasn't all revelry during today's events in san francisco. we'll show you the problems coming up at 6:00. the drama is building for pumpkin fanatics, tomorrow is the annual world championship pumpkin weigh off. the event kicks off the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival. there's a lot of competition, and i mean big competition. last year's winning gourd set a new california record at 1,704 pounds. like to get my hands on one of the pies. see the little dog? adorable. that does it for us here. captioned by closed captioning services inc. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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